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This scene is so hot to me. I can see myself in either role. Sometimes I just want to lay back and have a guy service me to completion. slowly thrusting my hips as he sucks me off.

I’d love to be the guy sucking this hunk off too, concentrating completely on making him feel good. I’d spend some time on his body too, making sure to lick and caress every inch of his muscular torso. And when he sad “I/’m cumming”, I would have made damn sure my lips werewrapped snugly around his shaft. And I sure as Hell wouldn’t have spit it out.

That said, watching this did bring me right to the edge.

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Full fuck service


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Holy. Shit. O_o. I so badly want to be in his place!

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Connor Walsh: A Summary

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Nice view!  And I ain’t talking about the Vegas strip!


Nice view!  And I ain’t talking about the Vegas strip!

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Full length mirror!

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